Winters Love

Haha Bein' silly, But I wanted you guys to see the front of the skirt because of the zippers and the way its cut so you can see its not just a plain pink/red? skirt  
Cool kids we wanted to take pictures with (: This photo wasn't even posed ha ha. They look like they had modeled with skate boards before, donchya think?

 Random cute little boy (: 
Ice-skating, Zoo, Picnic (Panini, Salads, and Yogurtology), sleepover party, and Photos in between with my two favorite people that I don't get to see at once very often. Just about the best day I could ask for (:


I must belong somewhere

Just a mini photo shoot of my friend Leigh (:

Sista, Sista

My beautimous sista Raquel! 
We had sisterly bonding in Savannah, GA tonight. We're here to look at SCAD because she is leaving me for college next year, which is a terrible excuse. Her dress is vintage from a store called "Misred" in downtown St.petersburg, FLA. It's deff our new fave store. 
Hat- American Apparel
Shirt- Top shop
Pants- Zara
Belt- Thrifted

We be crazaaay


The ice is getting thinner

Favorite heels, I think all fashionistas should own a pair. Jeffrey Campbell is pretty much my favorite shoes designer that I can actually buy. They have size 11 and have shoes under $200
New Favorite sweater from Urban Outfitters. Vintage hat, Forever21 belt and Zara harem pants. I died my hair yesterday and wanted something similar to what Fashion Toast has but did not come out the way I had hoped. I wish I could get those teal streaks in my hair but my school will not allow it considering I go to a Military High school. But anyways it's almost winter break so I will be having many more posts of my outfits because no uniform for 3 weeks! 


Kind words are the music of the world

We havin' ourselves a photoshoot

Although you can't see it too well I actually made this skirt in the 7th grade. Its like a black tutu with colorful graffiti on it and a gold chain around it to make it tighter. 
  Aren't I lucky to have such beautiful people in my life to model for me? So basically photo shoots is all I do with my friends these days. They love it cause they get cool photos, and I like it because I get portfolio photos and more experience. Plus they are amazingly fun.  


Kelcey (:

So, I took my Camera into best buy to get it cleaned a few weeks ago and they called saying they dropped it and that I will be receiving a brand new one for free! It's my lucky day. 
Next time you see photos of me, my hair will look like this, hopefully.  


War is not healthy for children and other living things

All of the above were taken at a music festival called Magnolia Festival located on the Suwanee River. My mom has been taking me ever since I was little and it has become almost a home to me. Now I bring all my friends with me and its the best thing! Once I get my license and car i'm off and going to music festivals like Bonaroo, Lollapalooza, and Coachella all the time. 

Big City Dreams


Baby Winehouse

My sisters bestfriend who I love very much but she doesn't believe me because I said she looks like Amy Whinehouse, does anybody else see it? I meen a younger drug free Amy Whinehouse? 

We are all eternally in love with denim

My favorite person ever Pizza! (Claudia PIZZArelli) We were bored basically so we decided to take pictures and they came out amazin. You will probably be seeing a lot of pictures with her. Shouldn't she be a legit model?