Over the summer I went on a trip to India. Seriously one of the most amazing places ive visited and best experience of my life. I'm going to post the rest later! Hope you enjoy this preview.


Natural Anthem of freedom.


Not a good way to start off the new year

So my computer had been acting odd so I took it into the Apple store and they fixed the problem, I was so happy! But than once I got home and looked in my iPhoto all 17,400 photos were missing. Although I bought an extra hard drive I never actually got around to using it. When I saw this I did not know how to react and just sat their starring at my computer for about an hour and wanted to cry! haha So a lot of my posts that were lined up are now gone :( Which is not what I am worried the most about(I was just informing you guys) those photos showed how I progressed in my photography skills in the past few years and would have been going in to my portfolio for college! :( But I must get over it and start snapping away to refill what I had.  

My top 5 resolutions for the new year!
1) become a pro at editing photos and learn how to paint
2) do my best in every aspect of life 
3) Become more educated on whats going on in the world and read ALOT! 
4) convince my parents to let me go to Parsons Paris Pre-College summer program
5) stop making myself think I need so much and be more philanthropic

Happy New Years! Tell me all about your resolutions
My Atypical Mentality xx